Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Southern Charm

Who doesn't love a bow tie on a little guy? Bow ties on the young and the old are almost too cute for words, especially when worn here in the South, where they used to be worn all spring and summer long with a seersucker suit. Maybe your baby/toddler will wear a seersucker suit (of course not now, it is after Labor Day after all), but I seriously doubt mine will.

Even if he won't wear seersucker, I can still put a bow tie on him.
So, rolled cuffs and all, here's a picture of my little prep.
(I particularly love that his cheeks are so chubby that
the bow tie barely fits under his chin.)

You can purchase a Bow tie DIY kit at my Etsy shop for only $7.50 (!)
in any of the following fabrics:

Argyle Love

Charmed Life

Blue Diamonds

State Fair

Kits are available in sizes 12mos./18 mos., 2T/3T, and 4T/5T.

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  1. Catherine, He is too cute! Hope all is going well. Julie Reinhart